Inline Tape Fabrillator

M Ajay Fabricators is the name that stands for high technology. We provide innovative technical solutions including high end machinery, comprehensive process skills and professional consultation to the clients throughout the entire process chain. Inline Tape Fibrillator is one of our latest technologies.

M Ajay Fabricators are renowned for their special designed materials and equipment that are used for plastic industries. We provide you with best tape fibrillating system that is specially designed with high specifications to solve various industrial needs. We gathered a great experience and success in providing these fibrillation systems.

Tapes that are produced by inline tape fibrillators can be used in textile units, agricultural sectors, jumbo bags and even in carpets. No doubt, the product quality is decisive and from the quality, one can gain trust from the customers. Here, we proud to say that we deserve your trust.

Technical Details of Inline Tape Fibrillator

Fibrillator is coupled with spinning pump. T-die can provide high precision and uniform distribution of polymer melt along with excellent temperature distribution at all the process stages. This ensures that we can achieve uniform tape quality. This process also helps you to achieve quick formulation changes without any interruption to the current process. Inline Tape Fibrillator equipment has the capacity to reach high process speeds due to the effective removal of water at regular intervals by using the film drying unit. This machine is ideal particularly when UV stabilizer is used.

Inline Tape Fibrillator is adaptable both to you and your ideal requirements. We create perfect systems basing on the customer’s specific requirements. This is possible only due the proven modular system and the up to date components that are available with M Ajay Fabricators product portfolio.

We assure that our Inline Tape Fibrillator is unique with components that are faultlessly tailored to each other.