Hydraulic Baling Press(15/25/35/100/125 Tons)

Know about Baling Press

Baling Press is a power press, screw or hydraulic, employed for compressing raw cotton, as well as stationery, yarns and fabrics in all their varieties, into bales which are handy for transportation.

M Ajay Fabricators in India offer hydraulic baling press that is specially designed for high loads and has the ability to flatten woven sacks, jumbo bags, waste paper and fibre materials. Hydraulic baling press can reduce all packaging material to a fraction of its original volume with the pressing capacity of 20T/ 35T / 40T / 100T / 125T. They can reduce your scrap up to 95 percent of its original volume to ensure that you have the right unit for the material you need to press.

Hydraulic baling press machine contains an exceptional large loading aperture and can compress large quantities of paper, cardboard, film or packaging material. It is really ideal for large and bulky material. Baling Press is manufactured with a vision to compress strongly expanding materials as foam.

In terms of performance, efficiency and flexibility our hydraulic baling press machine is hard to beat. We are proud to state that even a layman can operate it easily. The strapping and ejection of the bales can be performed by any one.

Salient features of our Hydraulic Baling Press

  • High durability due to wear resistant electro hydraulic drive
  • High throughput capacity with large split loading aperture
  • Machine available with 3 sides’ open and 1 side closed or 2 side open and 2 sides closed
  • The hydraulic sliding door for bale removal provides the highest ease of operation and reliability
  • Easy operation through control panel
  • The full stroke of the bale pusher cylinder ejects the bale completely
  • Optimum operator protection by implementing safety gadgets
  • Baler can be transformed for reassembly or recycle
  • Pressure regulator and gauge
  • Preset bale height table auto stop
  • Compact hydraulic block

Hydraulic baling press that is offered by M Ajay Fabricators is compact and highly rigid to avoid any kind of deflection during operation/load. They can be used widely in paper industries, automobile industries and textile industries.

We manufacture baling press with four guide pillars and two guide rods. Tie bars are used in bush construction with special shock absorbing bushings to absorb eccentric loads. Advanced hydraulic circuit is used in the construction of baling press for pressure setting, pressure bypass and to avoid piston slippage when the machine is in idle condition. Tie bars and guide pillars that are used in the machine construction are made of ultrasonically tested alloy steels. These are duly grounded and hard chrome plated.

Our extensive service support include

  • Complete process consultation
  • Access to our technical center for equipment and material evaluation
  • Access to our technical center for production sized equipment
  • Access with our skilled technical engineers
  • Comprehensive engineering services
  • Extensive inventory of parts and supplies

Select the best Hydraulic Baling Press that suits your specific requirement

M Ajay Fabricators are renowned as the leading manufacturers of hydraulic baling press machines with the best combinations of technology and performance. Our production facilities are available in Gujarat, India along with the facilities to provide state of art platform for a wide variety of tasks including industrial, process training, product development and technology presentation facilities. We offer the different hydraulic baling press units depending on your specific requirements.

Various applications of our Hydraulic Baling Press

  • Hydraulic baling press for woven sacks.
  • Hydraulic baling press for jumbo bags/ fibc.
  • Baling press for waste paper.
  • Hydraulic baling press for fibre.